Tips For Ashtanga Yoga For First Timers


Ashtanga is a type of yoga which focuses on eight limbs as opposed to the other type of yoga which involves only one limb. It helps in allowing your body to be fully stretched. For the beginners, they need some tips on what they are to expect from the Ashtanga Yoga classes. Below are tips for Ashtanga Yoga for first timers.

Don’t feel uncomfortable when touched by strangers

For Ashtanga to be done properly, several body adjustments have to be made. This should make you start getting used to being touched by your trainer to enable you to adjust your body accordingly. However, one should speak out if the adjustments make you feel uncomfortable or hurt you. If you also feel uncomfortable being touched you can politely ask the trainer not to assist you. It is also important that you be careful so that you do not end up getting hurt.

You will learn some Sanskrityoga

Sanskrit is Yoga language. Some of the instructors will not use English when teaching. It may feel intimidating when you seem not to understand anything but just follow what the others are doing. After a few classes, you will have known a few additional words for poses. Some chants will be done at the beginning or the end of the class. After some few lessons, you will manage to join the others in the chanting.

Get ready to get sore

Since this is the introduction of a new pattern of exercises on your body, you may feel sore the next few days after starting until when your body will get used to this type of exercises. One will be expected to do forward bends when seated, standing and even on one leg. This kind of yoga is recommended for people who get tight hamstrings from doing exercises such as running or bike riding. It will help you get rid of this.

Sweating is unavoidable

Ashtanga is usually done in a hot room so expect to sweat more as you do this type of Yoga. Your clothes and mats will also get soaked in sweat. Drinking plenty of water before the classes will ensure you do not get dehydrated after all that sweating. Due to sweating it is hygienic that you bring your mat since you can comfortably reuse it since it is your sweat rather than using the one from the studio which will have been used by someone else in the previous session.

Don’t feel like you are the only one who does not know anything

Ashtanga classesyoga are for everyone whether you are a beginner or a professional. You may feel like you the only one who does not know the poses or you are not doing them perfectly as the others are. After attending a few lessons, you will blend in, and you will be able to perfect your art because your strength and flexibility will have increased to greater levels.