Reasons To Activate Your Alpha Brain Waves

Is true that alpha brains reduce anxiety and stress, promote peak performance, and increase creativity? Usually, people have just four major brainwaves; theta waves, delta waves, beta waves, and alpha waves. According to Monroe Hemisync review, the four brainwaves do emit some electrical activities in their frequency ranges. EEG is the method used to measure these frequencies. A lot of scientists have spent a good amount of time to study the way brainwaves work. They have found out:Brain Waves

  • Delta waves – they oscillate at 1-4 Hz. This is the frequency that is associated with the deep sleep patterns.
  • Theta waves – Their frequency is associated with the REM sleep or what is known as lucid dreaming.
  • Alpha waves – They oscillate at 7-13 Hz and they are associated with meditation and relaxation.
  • Beta waves – They oscillate at 12-40 Hz and are associated with normal waking state or excited state.

Alpha brain waves benefits

As you are now aware, every brain wave (alpha, theta, beta, delta) creates a unique state of consciousness. In this post, we are interested in understanding different benefits of alpha state. Usually, it is regarded as the meditation brain wave.

People who are regarded as elite in their fields, live balanced lifestyle of relaxation and peace. Living a high anxiety and stressful lifestyle can be a recipe for limited creative functioning, or failed health. In this way, you may fail to experience the potential of what your live offers. You should understand power of these activity states. It offers an opportunity to tap into different areas of a person’s mind, which you are waiting to be released.

Reasons for using alpha brain waves


When you practice yoga or deep meditation, you are likely to be familiar with different benefits of relaxed body and mind connection. Whenever you increase alpha brainwave activities, it is possible to reduce anxiety, stress, and nervous feelings.

Peak physical performance

There is scienBrain Wavestific evidence that when athletes are performing at peak performance, they are in alpha state. Usually, elite basketball players, golfers, and marksmen display an improved alpha rhythm. It is possible for a normal person like you to tap into such levels. Therefore, with brain entrainment in the alpha state, it is possible to improve a person’s peak performance.

Just think how your life will improve if you can access alpha brain wave activities. It is possible to have calm and clear thinking that enhances your problem solving skills and creativity.