Things to Do After Eye Surgery


People who depend on contact lenses or glasses face Lasik surgery for many reasons: For example, it is an excellent blessing for men and women who work in a very dynamic environment not to use these “unnecessary” and “disturbing” aids and be careful at work. The idea of improving vision after surgery is another reason to have surgery. Many patients have experienced laser surgery.

Undergo Eye Exam

Your ophthalmologist will first have performed a complete eye examination before deciding on the operation. You should know everything, as this information is essential to determine your suitability. For this reason, you want to be sure that you must respect this information along with the instructions and all the post-operative steps.

Follow Instructions

Before the operation, the specialist who is treating you will talk about the things that these instructions will help you understand. He will explain these instructions to you. Based on all these recommendations, you may be asked, for example, not to drive your car or truck, not to work for several days after the operation, to satisfy your ophthalmologist often after the operation to make sure that everything goes well, not to wear makeup, not to touch your eyes.

Avoid Driving


The Lasik surgeon will inform you that it is forbidden to drive your car or truck. The length of the period depends on the healing phase of your eyes. Some patients have been asked to drive after surgery again, and this is not long. You will have to limit your ability to drive after surgery, as people will have to drive less after surgery. They advised wearing sunglasses for people who drive sensitively during the day. This will ensure that your own eyes get the rest.

Do Not Forget Post-Operation Meeting

Do not miss your meeting. These meetings are designed to make sure that the recovery process is going well, and should last about one month, three weeks, or even two sessions each week. Of course, these meetings must be booked by you before the surgery. These meetings are essential for the recovery process.

Avoid Using Makeup

make up

Another mistake is the use of makeup. The use of makeup is not recommended. This includes lipstick and creams. You are also required not to wear anything later. Some Lasik surgeons may advise against this. After this phase, you will go back to using makeup, even if you don’t.

You should not wear eye makeup, and you should consult the Lasik surgeon first. This can happen a week after the surgery. Since your eyes may be infected with an infection, you must follow these rules. It would help if you did not use soap or lotions in the face.

Do Not Touch Your Face

Your doctor will advise you not to touch your eyes. Their use is strictly prohibited. Some people may receive eye protection to protect their eyes when they sleep. This protection is to prevent any rubbing or bending. Touching your eyes is likely to increase the chance of illness. This can damage or delay the recovery process.

Avoid Physical Activities


It would help if you did not move after Lasik surgery. If these activities are resumed with you, you should be careful. Tasks are allowed after the operation, while those requiring eye protection are allowed.

Jobs are still allowed after surgery, such as research, working on the computer, watching television, you must use eye drops. Physical activities such as running are allowed after one week. Extreme events require permission and are permitted after three months.