Tips to Tighten Your Vagina


There is some reason why the vagina becomes lose; it may be from aging, childbirth, or other physical causes. But there are several ways to tighten the loose vagina. Many women suffer from this problem, causing them to lose self-confidence and ego. Some products like the vagina tight gel can help solve this problem. In this guide, we will discuss some ways to tighten the vagina and avoid painful surgical procedures.

Kegel Exercises


Dr. Kegel introduced this exercise, and it becomes trendy among women who want to keep their vagina tight. Depending on how many times you do this exercise, the faster the effect will be. Studies have shown that within 3 to 6 weeks of this exercise, it can give you results. The good thing about this exercise is that it offers a permanent result, but you have to invest your time consistently to keep the vagina’s tightness.

We have to find the right muscle to activate and tightened. Kegel Exercise target to strengthen pelvic floor muscle these muscles can be found when you’re passing the urine, then try to stop it for a few seconds without squeezing your stomach or buttocks. Squeeze the pelvic floor muscle around 10 to 15 times; don’t overdo this exercise as this can weaken vaginal muscles.

Herbal Medicine

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Millions of people around the world are switching to herbal medicines as they offer minimal side effects and more effective cure.There are also herbal medicine for making vagina tight like manjikani and saw palmetto herbal medicine that enhances the sexual power of Asian women. There are also some herbal creams for tightening the vagina.

Apply these herbal creams half an hour before the sexual intercourse; it helps to reverse the loss of the elasticity of the vaginal muscles. The natural herbs will make the vaginal wall contract by 25%. Giving more pleasure and having that tight feeling when penetrated.


This surgical procedure is vaginoplasty; it reconstructs and tightens the vagina. Some women choose to undergo this procedure to get the tightness they are dreaming to have. Yes, it is one of the fastest ways to tighten the vagina and can repair the total appearance of it. But not everyone can afford this surgical procedure because this operation needs the right amount of payment.So these are the option you can try to make your vagina tight; if you find other ways, don’t be afraid to incorporate it to theses tips. Just remember always to take care and read the review of the products before trying it.